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The name Damian is a baby boy name. The name Damian comes from the Spanish origin. In Spanish The meaning of the name Damian is: Tame.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Spanish
Meaning: Tame.
Expression number: 6
SoulUrge Number: 11
Average Visitor Rating: 4.35 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 70

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no knowledge
written by Doug, February 11, 2008
There is no reference in the bible to the name Damian, someone in hollywood picked the name for a movie and a bunch of unknowlegable people now think its a devil name, please know what you're talking about before you open your mouth.
written by Devil?, February 18, 2008
Damien means son of the devil
written by anonymous, March 01, 2008
It does NOT mean son of the devil. I like this name too but stupid Hollywood ruined it. It means tame and gentle.
written by soon to be, March 11, 2008
Who cares what others think, they will just have to get over it : ]

the devil thing
written by fact bout it, March 21, 2008
this form of the name does not mean son of the devil. the name "Damien" means son of the devil. note the spelling, its completely different
written by Expecting, May 07, 2008
I don't remember ever hearing that Damian is son of the devils name. Is this assumed because of the movie "The Omen" or did I miss it in the bible. In the movie I don't think the parents knew what their son was before they named him, so how can people assume this. I love the name because it is the name of an Italian twin saint. Saints Cosmo and Damian. If every horror film had an affect on a name, there would be many great names we would never use. Also, I thought the name Dante was linked with the devil somehow.
the devil thing 2
written by yvette, May 07, 2008
There is nothing about the meaning of the name Damian, Damien, Damon.. However you want to SPELL it that consist of the Devil.. Every spelling and every meaning is actually something good.. Regardless of how you spell it. Just because a name is used in a movie does not make it bad.. My sons name is Damien spelled with an e instead of an a, and it also means something good that has nothing to do with the devil. (Damien French
Meaning: Variant of Damon 'one who tames; subdues.' The Belgian priest Father Damien gave his life helping the Hawaiian lepers of Molokai. 3rd Century St. Damian is patron of physicians ) If we all named our kids dull names that everyone else uses the world would be one boring place :)
the son of the devil thing is dumb and old move on
written by ashley, June 23, 2008
i love the name Damian i had a little boy may 2007 and i named him Damian Alexander and its beautiful and so is he
expecting in Aug 08
written by nikki, June 30, 2008
i am glad to hear everyone sticking up for this beautiful name! we wanted to name our son Damian as soon as i found out i was pregnant, but we chose to stay away from it for the steryotype. finally at about 6 months, after struggling to find a name we decided on Damian Spenser. of course i get comments from people but i tell them id rather have a name i love regaurdless of the meaning, rather than name my child a boring name because of the great reputation.
I likeed this Name!! I maned my Son Damien Emmanue
written by Diandra, September 13, 2008
Well I liked this name, And no it dose not mean the devil, my mom did not like the idea of naming my son that,because when my son was born The movie the omen came out a couple months later . In my baby book the meaning of Damian was "Warrior!" But ya every one who asked what we named him quickly responded with the same stereotyping of the devil,my moms calls him demon and I still cant convince her that it has nothing to do with the devil!! Thanks al ot to the writer of the Omen!
Beautiful name destroyed by hollywood and the like
written by Denise , June 09, 2009
It's really such a shame that the name Damien has gotten such a bad reputation, I absolutely love it, And thanks to the media everyone says it's a demon child name when I mention I want to name my kid "Damien Andrew"
I really LOATHE the movie the omen with a burning passion now. Of all the names, couldnt it just have been Lucifer junior?!
But by the time I have a kid, that stereotype will have hopefully vanished with the past
written by jennie, August 19, 2009
People need to stop with all that nonsense. I name my son Daimian. I spelled it very different. And hes an honor roll student. I love this name.
written by Its not going to help, December 29, 2009
Look Damian is a nice name and it does mean tame However it is also the name of the antichrist this does not make it bad hell Lucifer means Morning Star its just a name and for the record the movie named there character after the antichrist just to make it scarier it does not mean you don't name your son Damian or Damien or however you want to spell it just don't get offended when people say its the name of the devils son . he probably likes it too :)
written by andrianna, July 17, 2010
people are to put this in a nicer way....dumb! if damian is the "devil name" then i guess michael, jason & freddy are too right? Those where names of killers in movies! seriously people need to get real! Last time i checked the devils name was Luciefer!

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