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The name Vanesa is a baby girl name. The name Vanesa comes from the Spanish origin. In Spanish The meaning of the name Vanesa is: Variant of Vanessa.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Spanish
Meaning: Variant of Vanessa.
Expression number: 8
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.27 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 76

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it works for me
written by Vanessa Sierra, December 06, 2007
Vanessa means "Butterfly" in latin.

It also means "star" in Greek.

I love my name and although I have met a handful of Vanessa's it is definitely not as common as Jennifer or a name like that.
A beautiful name
written by william, December 18, 2007
My wife is Vanessa and she is a beautiful woman and the name suites her.
Great name, really common nowdays
written by Vanessa G, December 25, 2007
i was born in 1989, there are so many vanessa's everywhere i go, i remember ever since i was in kindergarten. Its a really commomn name now.
written by Vanessa J., December 26, 2007
In 1961, when I was born, there were two great actresses named Vanessa - Vanessa Redgrave and a world-renown actress of stage and theatre from Europe.

Growing up, I read in an Encyclopedia Britannica that the complete meaning of the name Vanessa was 'Goddess of Grace, Grace of God; Butterfly. The name has been condensed to Butterfly. Whenever I meet a Vanessa, I always ask if she has at least one butterfly. If not, I offer her one of mine.
written by Vanessa J., December 26, 2007
Just found this info about the origin of Vanessa - Jonathan Swift (Gulliver's Travels, etc.) The butterfly genus is the Painted Lady

Gender: Feminine

Usage: English

Pronounced: va-NES-a [key]

Invented by author Jonathan Swift. He arrived at it by rearranging the initial syllables of the first name and surname of Esther Vanhomrigh, his close friend. Vanessa was later used as the name of a genus of butterfly.
written by Vannesa, January 18, 2008
Ha no one spells there name like mine!!!!!!!!!
written by vanesa, January 24, 2008
i was born in 1984. I have only met one other Vanessa in my life, but what can i say it is a beautiful name we all love it.
written by ronahja, January 26, 2008
i love my name ronahja because its unquie and noone has a name like it
I love my name
written by Vanessa Halitzka, February 25, 2008
I was born in 1985 and I have only met three Vanessa's and I went to school with one of them.I really do love my name.
written by Vanessa Lynn, March 05, 2008
I was born in 1989 and i have only meet two other Vanessa's in person, i dont consider it to be a common name.
I love butterflies
written by vanessa, March 08, 2008
I love my name because of the butterfly meaning.Everytime I see MAriah Carey's butterfly ring I get jealous but fortunately I finally found one that is just as beautiful.I was born in 1984 when it seems most Vanessas' were born.It also seems they usually are brunettes.
written by Carrie, April 23, 2008
Well I'm 18 weeks pregnant and i go for my ultrasound on the 15th of may, if i have a boy i don't know what i would want to name him. If i have a girl I know my boyfriend wants to name her after his deaceased mother Vanessa, do you think that the name is to old? I need some help
written by jexan, April 26, 2008
To all those Vanessa's out there, I named my newborn daughter Vanessa, but now I am not too sure of the name because I don't like the nicknames I have heard. What are you called? And do you like it?
To Jexan re: vanessa & nick names
written by vanessa , May 18, 2008
Vanessa is a strong and feminine name I think. It is my name. As a teenager people started to call me V or Ness and at times I called myself that. I am now a woman in my late twenties and when people do nickname me, I make it clear..."call me Vanessa." So.. I wouldn't worry to much about the shorter versions of Vanessa, your daughter can and will correct them as she gets older. The one I can't stand is 'Nessy' sounds like the name of a pet but in saying that, I have been reading the forums and some women like that. So each to their own. Hope this helps somewhat. Have a happy pregnancy.
To Jexan re: Vanessa & nick names
written by sessabodessa, May 20, 2008
Hello my name is vanessa. The nick names I have is
Sessa (my little sisters couldn't say my name)
And my favorite
SessaBoDessa its corny but its what my family calls me
I think Butterflies are my new addiction
written by Vanessa, September 12, 2009
I love my name which is Vanessa of course. I also love that it means butterfly. I realize from the past couple of month that i may have an addiction to butterflies. i have a butterfly headband, butterfly scrunggy and i also have a butterfly tattoo on my left hand. but hey there's a lot of worst things that i could be addicted to so i'm o.k with it being butterflies.

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