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The name Yesenia is a baby girl name. The name Yesenia comes from the Spanish origin. In Spanish The meaning of the name Yesenia is: The Gypsy title character of a Spanish soap opera from the 1970s.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Spanish
Meaning: The Gypsy title character of a Spanish soap opera from the 1970s.
Expression number: 6
SoulUrge Number: 9
Average Visitor Rating: 4.44 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 75

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written by Jessenia, December 17, 2007
Hi my name is also jessenia. my mom also named me after the gypsy in the spanish soap opera. but whenever someone gets mad at me they call me jessenia! when they talk to me normally they call me jessy... But i love my name. and im 3 months pregnant and if its a girl my husband wants her name to be jessenia too!!!
written by Asia, January 04, 2008
i have a friend named yesenia i call her yesii!! i love the name
written by mary1, February 20, 2008
i call my cousin lasagna, it is much easier
written by Another Yessenia, February 25, 2008
Hi, my name is also Yessenia. My mom named me Yessenia because it was the name of one of the characters in a spanish soap opera back in the 70's. Alot of my friends call me Yessy. This name has several meanings. It means an Arabian flower and also an African tribe.
written by Yesenia Crystal, March 12, 2008
Hello my name is also Yesenia and just like most of the other hispanic mothers of Yesenias' I know, my mother too named me after the gypsy in a Spanish soap opera in their days... I love my name because it is unique and I feel it defines me. I pronounce it with a J like "ja-senia" and I also go by Yesi or "jessi"... ILOVE IT!!!
written by tori, March 12, 2008
i love this name its my best friends name and her and i are like twins seperated at birth lol!
written by Yesimo, March 20, 2008
I hate my name. My mother named me after a gypsy in a soap opera who wasn't even that pretty. She said she liked it because it was unique. It's so common nowadays though! And I've noticed that a lot of loose girl have my name so I get a lot of presumption about me including my culture and ethics. I look forward to changing my name and never naming my child this.
written by Yesenia, May 23, 2008
My name is also Yesenia! I love this name for it's uniqueness. My Mom named me Yesenia after the Gypsy character in the Spanish soap opera. It is more common now, but it's still perfect. Thanks, Mom!
written by Nohemi, December 01, 2009
my mom and I argue about it all the time...with way too many pretty names i got stuck with this one. I would love to change it but unfortunately after so many years, it'll be weird to have someone calling me by any other name. So I'll just go by my middle name
This is not accurate.
written by Yessenia, May 25, 2010
My name is Yessenia and yes i was named after the soap opera titled Yesenia but the origin of the name is actually Arabic and its meaning is a flower. Please do some research and give an accurate meaning and origin to the name. Thank you

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