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The name Morgan is a baby boy name. The name Morgan comes from the Welsh origin. In Welsh The meaning of the name Morgan is: Bright sea. Dwells near the sea.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Welsh
Meaning: Bright sea. Dwells near the sea.
Expression number: 5
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.44 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 102

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Boy or girl
written by caroline, January 26, 2008
my son is named Morgan and I love it, it was only after he had been named that we found out his great nain (grandmother) has the name Morgan as her middle name.
It is a good name
written by Philip, February 03, 2008
Morgan was the name of my son before he passed at a young age. But I spelled it Morgon.
My daughters name is Morgan
written by Shasta, February 12, 2008
To me Morgan is more or a girl name. I think it fits my lil girl well. Her name is Morgan Taylor
written by Morgan Gilbreath, February 20, 2008
hey thats my name i think it is a werid name for guys and its more of a girl name and i love it♥
My 7-year old is Morgan
written by KED, February 25, 2008
I have a seven year old daughter named Morgan. I still really like the name and she told me really likes it too. My other daughter is Taylor.
my 6 month olds name is morgan
written by bethany, February 26, 2008
i couldn't name my son morgan i think morgan is a girls name
written by Michael L, February 27, 2008
Just named my baby girl Morgan. Beautiful name.
Morgan is a beautiful name for a girl
written by Erin Webster, March 17, 2008
My 7 year old is Morgan Ashley...I LOVE the name Morgan, and she likes it too. I like the unisex names...Erin
i love this name!!!!
written by Katie, May 05, 2008
morgan on agirl is so nice. i love it but if i had a daughter i dont know if i'd call her morgan, akiko or harper! hmmmm i'm not sure i still love this name!
Morgan is a man's name
written by Sorcha MacAonghais, June 18, 2008
Morgan is an old Welsh name, and it's a mans name. Morgana and Morgaine are lovely feminine versions. Morgan doesn't sound at all feminine; it's just been used by women recently and so people who don't know better think it's a woman's name. My brother's name is Morgan; no one teases him about it. His daughter's name is Morgana.
morgan is a little girls name
written by morgan, July 10, 2009
those other "feminine" names are tooooooo much for a little girl and i never knew a litle boy named morgan
written by avril edwards, May 16, 2010
I am Welsh born & bred (& Welsh speaking), and I can tell you that Morgan is definitely a BOY's name. If you wish to call your daughter Morgan, then that's your choice. But for those of you that don't know the history or language, don't try to highjack and claim it as a girl's name
written by morgan, June 01, 2010
My name is Morgan and I am a girl it is this very issue that avril edwards has touched on that promted me to look in to the matter I found that Geoffrey of Monmouth was the first known person to use it as a girls name (morgan la fay) and that is unlikley that it was derived from the welsh name because in his time the welsh name morgan was spelt diferently. Please do not acuse us of highjacking your language just because you have put no more research into the matter than us. By the way please think twice before naming your little girl morgan, or ar least let her grow her hair long, I hated being mistaken for a boy.
written by Isabel Clare, August 29, 2010
You know what, I actually really like the name Morgan Hayley or Hayley Morgan. Those two names just ring in my head and flow so well. But for some odd reason, the name Morgan sort of reminds me of oatmeal, but I like it just the same.


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